Do you want an unforgettable birthday party for your child?

If you are planning a truly memorable and special birthday party, Kinder Paradise is the perfect choice for your child. If you want to celebrate somewhere different than playing in a playhouse or celebrating in a restaurant and you don’t want to sacrifice the peace of your own home on the altar of the kid’s party, yet you are looking for something quite unique, then Kinder Paradise is the best place. We provide a cloudless and enjoyable birthday party for all ages. Kinder Paradise provides an idyllic setting where your child and the little friends you invite are the focal point for the birthday party. In the Kinder Paradise Kamaraerdo, Budaors, a private, exclusive, green area awaits you with a homely atmosphere.

We do not offer an ordinary program, but a real experience as the property offers a large 52 square meter open pool and a 56 square meter pavilion for the kids’ unforgettable birthday party. As child loving parents, we are well aware that every parent wants to organize a memorable party for their child. We all want something that is unrepeatable and unforgettable for parents and children alike. Our intimate and familiar environment ensures that only the celebrated and the small guests play the leading role. If you want to have an extra program beside the kids, we can offer you an animator to realize your ideas.

If you want to swim in the pool during the whole party, or you can also come in costumes, our animator will provide balloons for kids if needed, and in the covered pavilion we will arrange crafts and creative activities.

Your child will certainly have such a fantastic birthday that is only about him/her and they will remember it for a long time.

What do we do for the party?

  • Intimate, private environment
  • Approx. 1000 square meter garden
  • 52 square meters of open pool
  • 56 square meters covered pavilion where approx. 600 sqm is included in the packages set out below. An extra approx. 400 sqm ‘private garden/terrace’ is available outside the packages, subject to individual requirements and agreement on price.
  • Delicately laid-out festive table
  • Decorations: ornaments, balloons, lanterns.
  • towels for children
  • Inflatable raft
  • Carousels and floats if necessary
  • Lemonades
  • Savoury snacks

What you need to provide:

  • The cake and the food
  • You can bring both (we are happy to recommend partners if required, and we have not been disappointed so far)
Misi bohóc mutat


Please refer to information provided in “What do we do for the Party”

Full Extra package:
180.000 HUF / 3 hours / 15 children


  • use of pool, pavilion, play area and ‘non-private’ garden
  • Decoration, balloons, ornaments
  • Delicately laid-out festive table
  • towels for children
  • Inflatable raft
  • Carousels and floats if necessary
  • Savoury snacks
  • Lemonade
  • The napkins, plates and glasses for the soft drinks, cake and food you bring in
  • The music

Amennyiben gyermeked és kis pajtásai jól érzik magukat és van lehetőség tovább maradni avagy eleve hosszabban szeretnél foglalni mint a csomagajánlat – minden megkezdett plusz óra 30 000.- ft.

Useful information:

  • Each standard package includes a maximum of 15 children. We charge an extra HUF 3,000 per child over the package to a max of 20 children in total.
  • No Minimum number of children/people
  • The birthday cake and the food you want to eat (pizza, etc.) are not included in any package but can be arranged at an extra cost.
  • free admission for one escort/parent per child. We charge an extra 3 000 HUF per person over this number.
  • If you have need for a ‘larger’ or more ‘individual/special’ party to meet particular requirements this can be accommodated after discussion/separate agreement and prices are agreed.
  • we are not responsible for any physical injuries of the children caused by the use of the pool.
  • At the time of booking a reservation fee of HUF 30 000 is required. This to be transferred to a/c 10300002-10494799-49010016 (Watson Rita Marta) quoting the date of your booking
  • We will finalise bookings on receipt of the reservation fee
  • Should bad weather threaten, we can arrange a different date, although the 56 sqm Pavilion is also perfect for the party
  • Pool depth – 120cm – 150 cm We are focusing/concentrating on childrens’ parties where obviously adults/older family members will be present. We do not arrange/book adult parties. Should there be a requirement for the adults/family members to ‘enjoy’ the surroundings rather than merely ‘supervise’ their child’s activity, this can be arranged after separate discussions/agreement. If there is a requirement for use of the ‘private’ garden area or alcohol is to be made available then a security deposit will also be required (paid upfront in cash and settled immediately when the party has finished)

Kinder Paradise


Kismartoni street 74 Budaörs 2040



Please contact us by email or phone for reservation!


Flip-flops are definitely a must, we provide a towel for you.

We offer another day for you, however you can make a cool party in cooler weather in the 56 sqm covered pavilion.

It starts at 120 cm and gradually deepens to 145 cm. It is advisable to bring a water wings for non-swimmers – we also provide some on site.

We here in Kinder Paradise are only concentrating on childrens’parties up to 14 years old, with up to 3 hours of time.

If there is no other booking you can stay here at 25,000ft extra/ hour (part hour), the whole team can stay.

According to our experience, everyone likes to bring the cake and pizza and tiny snacks from their own confectioner. Of course we have some restaurants/confectioners that we work with, which we would happily recommend to you and take this burden off your shoulder.